Easy Steps to Start an Online Store

start-a-storeStarting an online store is easier in this day and age. In the past you used to have to work with web development companies and they would create for you a custom solution that would cost thousands of dollars. Well good news, development is now 100% free. Companies like Bigcommerce and Shopify have created Saas solutions so you can get a very robust online store in minutes. All you have to do is pay for hosting your website through their platform. They have built all the tools you need to create a solid store that will take care of adding products and accepting payments. This website is for the newbie.

You have come to the perfect place if any of these bullet points describe you.

  • Not sure how to sell products online
  • Not technically Savvy, Just want a store fast
  • Just want to setup a website online to start selling products
  • Looking for a cost effective solution to get your store up and running

Setting Your Online Store in Three Easy Steps

Selecting a Domain Name

Selecting a good domain is very important for your online store. If you already have a brand or business name, going with our business name is always your best option. If your business name is a common name, most likely your domain name is not available so think of something that will be catchy and easily remembered. Take your time to picking your domain name. Think of it this way, once you pick your domain name, you want to keep this one for a lifetime. The longer you have your domain the more credible your website will be to search engines, so make sure you pick one you are happy with.

Good Eamples: vicscustomshirts.com, sleeksunglasses.com, inkfloyd.com. tshirtauthority.com

You can see above they are some domain names that you might remember. Give you a good understanding of what the company and easy to spell.

Bad Examples: Jenny-colored-socks.com, best-hats-online.com, besthats2015andbeyond.com

Never use dashes in your domain name. Do not limit yourself to years unless it is in your business name and you are already branded.

If you are still not sure, shoot us an email with your domain and we can help you free!

 Selecting a Platform

I will make it easy for you.

Bigcommerce or Shopify – are great options to start a store. They both give you 15 day free trials to test out their platform. They both offer free phone/email support to help you get your store up and running. They both host multi-million dollar companies on their platforms.

You should test them both out because they will handle everything that you need to do selling products online.


  • Adding Products
  • SEO Friendly Setup
  • Blog
  • Shipping & Handling Fees
  • Countless Applications for Social Media & Promotion
  • Huge support community of users
  • Over 200,000 people use these two platforms combined

Marketing Your new Online Store

After you get all your products loaded, banking information, and domain name. You are ready to start promoting your online store to the public. Gaining traffic on the internet you need to go multiple directions to make this happen.

Ways to Promote Your Online Store

SEO – Optimize your website and claim your listings and you will start ranking naturally on the search engines getting tons of free traffic. Someone is looking for an online store, they will find you and potentially buy your products.

Social Media – Get followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Newsletter and many more. The more followers you get, the more you can reach out to them to sell your products online. You can build a community of people that want to buy your products online making you money every time you reach out to them!

Pay for Advertising – PPC on Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines. Get other blogs and related websites to talk about your product and share it to their followers.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Pick a Domain
  2. Sign up for Bigcommerce or Shopify
  3. Start Promoting

It is that easy and you can be setup in minutes. Still need help getting your store up and running, join our forum and a bunch of eager business owners trying to gain more market share by building their presence online.

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